First Hint of Spring?

I happened to glance down at my flowerbed as I was walking in the front door today and noticed the first of my crocuses poking up through the dirt.  These were just planted three weeks ago!

Frozen Purple Heart? Will They Recover?

As one website indicated, Purple Hearts turn to mush when they freeze, and that seems to be exactly what happened to those planted in my front planter.  In the foreground one can just make out some very limp looking plants.  They, indeed, have turned to mush.

Flower Highlight: Purple Heart

This perennial is very colorful and about as indestructible as can be. It has purple to burgundy, low spreading foliage. It colors best in full sun, but grows well in the shade. When it flowers it shows white, pink or purple flowers.

Baby Step Drip Irrigation Installation

Or is that every journey starts out with a first step? Well it’s true either way, and I’m on the road to installing a lot of drip irrigation systems at the house in order to make the best possible use of the water I consume. I’m not some crazy environmentalist, I just hate to waste resources (hence the reason I have better than a cord of wood on the woodpile as I kept most of the last tree I had to take out).